Insider Tips For the Savvy Traveler

Traveling can either be a great experience or a disaster – Nightmare stories from travelers hit the news daily ranging in topics from lost luggage to missed flights, even common missteps such as overspending and over packing. Each experience turns the well-planned vacation upside down. But proper planning and thoughtful preparation can set the sails […]

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An Interview With Retail Marketing VP Randy Scarborough

Fit Small Business publisher Marc Prosser sat down with FedEx Office’s Vice President of Retail Marketing, Randy Scarborough, to talk trends and developments in small business printing, covering everything from design advice to using professional design services.   Is your banner too flashy? Are your business flyers memorable enough?  How are your printed materials coming […]

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Five Ways to Wow Every New Customer

Most business owners and sales professionals love the chase. They love to find those new leads and move them to action. But, once a new customer says yes, the chase begins to fade as new, even bigger clients seemingly wait on the horizon. Well, here’s what smart marketers know – when it comes to profitable […]

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Keep Co-workers Cohesive with Perfectly Planned Potlucks

My team at work is a little food obsessed. Okay, truthfully, we’re a LOT food obsessed. We start talking about lunch around 9:30 in the morning. So when it comes to team builders, we find there is nothing better than a potluck. A little time with colleagues with good food and good conversation can really […]

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Creating a Great Business Brochure

Recently, my cousin asked for help proofing a brochure she created, and as a student of journalism, I was happy to help. Upon first review, I noticed several layout and design elements that needed improvement. And that got me to thinking — I bet a lot of small businesses face the same issues. Making custom […]

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072610_How to be Productive When Outside the Office

How to be Productive When Outside the Office

 Ah, winter. The days feel shorter, the cooler weather is approaching, the kids are in school and a holiday retreat is beckoning. But what about your responsibilities at the office? No worries! We here at the Out of Office blog have some tips to help conquer the frenzy that always arises in the days leading up to that glorious […]

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Seven Ways to Attract Customers into Your Store

How do you attract new customers to your store—and keep existing customers coming back? Effective merchandising is a key part of any retailer’s marketing mix and can be the difference between profit and loss. Here are seven tips for successful retail merchandising that will ensure you don’t fall short. 1. Attract attention to the outside […]

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Go From Having a Job to Owning a Business

In order to grow a business the founder must be willing to let go of work they love to do. There are many tasks that business owners must do each day. There’s the doing of the primary service that the business provides its customers, the selling of the actual services, and all the other things […]

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The “New Normal” in Mobile Strategy

It’s no surprise that we have become a technology driven and mobile culture.  From tablets to cell phones to e-books, consumers are adapting and utilizing all that mobile devices have to offer. The impact to small business is significant. What was once strictly a means of communication is now a customer entry point, forcing small […]

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Rocking it on the Road with The Colourist

Living the life of a small business is daunting – odd hours and long days, many spent on-the-go and away from the office. Throw in working from the confines of a van and traveling from city-to-city, making your way across the country. Enter California-based rock band, The Colourist. A perfect example of an “on-the-go” small […]

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